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Direct Replacement Lamps for T8 Linear Fluorescent Lamps

January 14, 2019

Satco|Nuvo’s Dual Mode Direct Replacement Lamps provide multiple replacement options for fluorescent T8 lamps, allowing for easier conversion to LED in application. Satco’s direct replacement lamps can be wired as a single ended lamp or double ended lamp, remove the ballast and wire as convenient (recommended method); or simply change the lamp in ballast compatible fixtures. 

[export.satco.com/learn/product-videos/video/1609/direct-replacement-lamps-for-t8-linear-fluorescent-lamps;14c8883b723659bc3228cad7951578b112bbcff7;32472;2023-03-25 07:05:37][OUT][0][200][1.0]