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CounterQUICK: SATCO’s Newest LED Under Cabinet Fixture

November 08, 2021

No matter how you hang it, install it, connect it, link it, wire it, or light it— CounterQUICK is designed to help get the job done; with installation solutions that save on labor, quality, and durability that make for a long maintenance free life. Plus, sku-saving selectable CCT at the switch! It's that quick. It's that easy! 

[export.satco.com/learn/product-videos/video/6461/counterquick-satco-s-newest-led-under-cabinet-fixture;f265af82a0b230cfa777b727aee64a61cee7804b;28136;2023-12-10 17:35:54][OUT][0][200][1.0]