SATCO|NUVO’s Dual T8 Lamp Ready Fixture Channels

A Blank Canvas Filled With Options for Many Applications

Thursday, November 17, 2022

SATCO|NUVO’s Dual T8 Lamp Ready Fixture Channels are the economical solution for upgrading traditional lighting to more efficient LED technology. These T8 Lamp Ready Fixture Channels are available in 2', 3' and 4' lengths and possess a traditional footprint, eliminating the need to make repairs or patch ceilings when retrofitting existing lighting. With their pre-wired tombstone sockets and multiple wiring knockouts located on the sides and back panels, new installations and retrofits will be effortless.

A full suite of accessories are available including add-on reflectors, protective cages and a suspension mounting kit. SATCO also offers a full line of recommended T8 LED lamps to compliment the fixture channels. Please view our expansive lamp guide by scanning our QR Code and select the lamps best suited for your installation application.

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