Human + Environment

The Future of Lighting

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Lighting plays a big part of our future and our environment, inside and out, and LED has been a game changer, a giant footstep towards the zero-carbon footprint goal of tomorrow.
At the same time as we move towards a greener day, human health has grown to become part of that narrative. In almost a natural progression, light technology has evolved alongside it, not only improving its impact on our natural environment, but also our human environment with technologies that enhance health, safety and wellbeing.
Lighting ergonomics, human centric lighting, sensors and smart lighting all play a role in the future of lighting design. Tomorrow’s lighting is human + environment.
SATCO manufactures LED Lamps and Lighting Fixtures that help ease the transition from traditional lighting to LED.
LED has reduced the net-carbon emission of energy in the US and continues to do so as utility companies across the nation work to provide incentive programs helping convert traditional lighting to new technologies.
Retrofit LED Lamps and LED fixtures that fit the standard footprints of traditional lighting with advanced features such as add-on PIR and Wi-Fi sensors and CCT selection, offer benefits beyond energy savings. From the reduction of environmental impact to lower maintenance, fast return-on-investment and improved safety, plus an overall superior lighting product, tomorrow is brighter.
Lighting manufactured with CCT selection, motion detection, flicker- free, smart settings for biorhythm adjustment, improved safety, motivation, better ability to see, improved emotion and alertness.
Human centric lighting is making its way across all sectors from Education and Healthcare, where white tuning and task related lighting are highly desirable in transitioning spaces; to residential, office and mixed-use space.
Lighting has become a central focus of design as people spend more time indoors.
With adjustable beams and arms, cages, accessories and the ability to position, reposition and modify lighting and fixtures for optimal visibility, safety increases. Incidents may be reduced as field of vision, contrast and fatigue are reduced.
As science, engineering and architects work together, proper planning of CCT selection and lumen selection, light distribution, lens, diffusers and shields as well as advanced sensors and technologies are all part of tomorrow’s lighting environments.
Tomorrow’s lighting is dynamic, changing, from CCT temperatures and color changing lights that can continuously be adjusted through smart applications to schedules and sensors that determine operation and ensure safety, costs and energy savings.
Connected lighting that works with life is part of the future. SATCO is at the frontier, designing lighting that creates the way to tomorrow. View all of our smart products at 

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