Satco Smart Home Lighting

Connective Lighting starts with the Switch

Monday, July 8, 2019

In 2016, Satco|Nuvo entered the smart lighting market with a decidedly different approach to its product offerings.  Satco introduced smart switches and modules, rather than smart bulbs, presenting a total lighting solution to consumers that is scalable, long term, works remotely and offers multi-user operation.

Satco|Nuvo Smart Home products include a Plug-In Appliance Module, Plug-In Dimmer Module, an In-Wall Light Switch, and an In-Wall 3-way Auxiliary Switch.  Each device works with Z-wave® technology, the smart technology protocol used by most home appliances including HVAC, alarm systems, doorbells, door locks and, of course, lighting.

Satco® chose to be a member of the Z-wave® alliance as it provided the strongest inter-operability with other in-home utilities and systems.  Satco’s smart switches and modules can be used as part of an entire Z-Wave system so lighting, HVAC, alarm systems and some appliances can work in tangent. 

Satco’s Smart Home is a switch by switch system and offers a scalable option to homeowners looking to explore smart home systems in a very affordable, expandable way.  Users can start with a few circuit areas and branch out as they feel more comfortable with the technology and as budget allows.

Satco’s smart home products should be installed by a licensed electrician.  Each switch retails for approximately $35 - 45 and will need a hub to connect with, which run on average $80 - 100.  Once installed, the user can download the app and set up their system as desired, allowing for scheduled and remote control from any smart device as well as from AI technology such as Alexa and Siri. 

Satco’s Smart Home technologies can work with most lightbulbs, including LEDs and traditional bulbs, so the homeowner can choose any type of light source or any fixture.  Perfect for residential and light hospitality applications, Satco|Nuvo’s Smart Home products are truly a smart solution.


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