SATCO AWARE: A New Promotional Publication

Products, Promotions, Ideas

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

SATCO welcomed in 2021 with a fresh outlook on the lighting industry and new answers for our customers and market. We came out of last year more AWARE of the growing needs of our market and wanted to start sharing more. More ideas and more solutions, more ways to do business for today and for the future...and so we created AWARE.

SATCO AWARE is our new promotional publication that is part catalog, to help navigate through SATCO’s vast offering of lighting products, but also part reference and resource publication. Inside we discuss relevant topics that may help sell, gain knowledge and offer new ways to venture into a cross-market, utilize SATCO products in a new way or just expand your offering.

Of course, it will also offer great sales! 

This is our inaugural edition. For priced versions contact your area representative. We welcome your suggestions for future topics, and your stories of in-field product successes as well.  

Grab your digital copy here. To join our mailing list connect with us here.

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