Satco|Nuvo is working diligently to provide our customers with information and support, from our learning center and online catalogs to our on-line product catalog that provides a comprehensive listing of each of our products including specifications, technical data, compatibility, packaging, electrical information and more. 

Visit our tools section for links on-line help items such as dimmer compatibility tools, energy rebate finders and ROI calculators and more.

You will find our current catalogs are listed below and throughout our website in digital formats and a full product documentation library is available through the link for more detailed technical literature.

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The fastest and most efficient customer service is available through our website portal.  Visit our support section and our help desk will immediately review and respond to your inquiry during reguallar business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 5:30 p, EST).

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Digital Product Catalogs

Satco|Nuvo catalogs, available in on-line and in print, provide a comprehensive guide to all of our current product offerings including features and benefits, specifications, ratings, warranties, beam angle options and more.  These guides are updated regularly and can be ordered through your local rep or directly through Satco at 800-437-2826 

If you don’t see something in our catalogs, please feel free to call customer service or the help desk.

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