Applications & Industries

Just about anywhere you can find  lighting you can find a lighting solution from SATCO|NUVO. We continually strive to create products that answer the total needs of the customer chain -- that includes installers, builders and specifiers, not to mention the the real-world needs of end-users across a multitude of industries and applications.

SATCO|NUVO strives to produce high quality lighting products that reduce labor time, save on energy and offer premium value at the application site with products that include features like photocell and motion sensors, lighting that offers better visual appeal and comfort, longer life and lower maintenance, dark sky, emergency options and more.


Solutions that Answer Your Application Needs

Lighting has undergone a big transition with LED, but not everyone is ready undertake a complete technological transition. While SATCO|NUVO offers one of the largest and growing selections of emerging LED technologies in fixtures and lamps in the industry, we also understand that the transition from old technologies to new technologies can take time and money. 

Change is often a big undertaking, so SATCO|NUVO designs products that help bridge the transition. We manufacture lighting that help retrofit traditional fixtures with new LED bulbs, so taking advantaging of LED benefits without having to invest in new fixtures and expensive labor costs is easy, and lighting customers can take on new technology at a pace that is comfortable to them.