LED Architectural Downlights

Directional | Remote Driver

Thursday, January 18, 2024

SATCO|NUVO’s LED Directional Architectural Downlights are made to offer focused illumination. With 360° rotation and 30° tilt, lighting can be installed to highlight artwork, entryways, or aimed to create the perfect reading nook. Install as a standard downlight to keep a consistent look throughout the space. Three contemporary housing finishes are guaranteed to accentuate any aesthetic from retail to living rooms with crisp, quality lighting. 


  • 5 CCT Selectable
  • 90 CRI for Exceptional Color Rendering
  • Offered in 3.5" and 4" Round and Square Models
  • White, Black, and Brushed Nickel Finishes Available
  • Remote J-Box

Suggested Applications: Retail, Museums, Restaurants, Residential

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