T5 LED Ballast Bypass Cal State Stadium

T5 LED Ballast Bypass Cal State Stadium

Coussioulis Arena, Califonia State, San Bernadinano, California.  The 4,140 seat coliseaum located on the campus converted its main areana from traditional flourescent T5 54W HO lamps to Satco's LED T5 ballast bypass lamps in a one-for-one swap.


"While the converstion to the more energey efficeint LED lampe i certainly a benefit," stated Nick Boston, of CSUSB, " the motivation ofr the conversion was primarily maintenance."


The high ceilings of the areana made lamp and ballast maintenance costly and time consuming.  Converting to Satco's T5 50,000 hour LED ballast bypass lamp allivieated the persistent lighting maintenance that the traditional HOs cost the stadium.  


"The conversion took three days and went smoothly," continued Mr. Boston, who was pleased with the "one-and-done solution that the Satco T5s provided.


The installation at CSUSB was done by an independent contractor.  CED San Bernadino were the supplying SATCO distributors, managed under Agents West.


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