Lighting in hospitality serves a world of applications, functions and needs.
For the designer, it adds to the ambiance in each of the various settings; welcoming guests to enter, greeting them in the lobby, celebrating them in the ball rooms, adding at-home comfort in the guest rooms. For the engineer, ensuring safety in the corridors and during emergency situations, lighting the parking and utility areas, proper task lighting in the kitchens and work areas. 
Even before a hotel or restaurant is alive with guests, environments for the maintenance crews and managers in the form of energey efficient low maintenance and sometimes motion sensor lighting must be addressed in both a practical and cost effective manner.
SATCO|NUVO serves so many of these areas. 

NUVO Decorative and Hospitality

NUVO Decorative offers one of the largest and most venerable design collections. On-point styling that includes a wide breadth of looks that work with contemporary and traditional settings, collections that work together, eclectic pieces that serve to attract and draw the eye.
SATCO|NUVO’s dedication to working with our customers includes being able to service specifications from our large, US based inventory selection. Solid design, quality, price point and availability have made NUVO Lighting the go-to name in specification solutions across the hospitality industry.

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