Residential & Home

Residential & Home

From saving money by changing your bulbs to LED in the home, to lighting fixtures in and around your home, Satco is a complete source for residential lighting needs. 

From finding the perfect downlights and cove lighting to complement your kitchen renovation, to accenting your dining room or living rooms with fixtures from Satco’s decorative line, NUVO, Satco has what you need lto light your home.

In the garage and over the Dad’s work bench, by the pool and on the deck, your driveway entry posts and outdoor sconces, flood lights and security lights are all available from Satco.  Satco even carries the decorative bulbs you need to replace any outages in your Great Aunt's antique chandelier.

 Just about anywhere you need light, Satco has a solution.

New Construction Specialists

Satco has one of the largest offerings of project-based lighting fixtures in the industry -- perfect for the builder market.  Our fixtures include a broad range of styles that suit a variety of needs, from basic to enhanced lighting effects and everything inbetween. 

Satco manufactures integrated LED fixtures for ease of installation, retrofit options for remodeling projects, quick-fix LED options fast, energy efficient solutions and a variety of lighting fixtures that solve a host of issues from low ceiling and narrow space to ceiling insulation and more.

Residential & Home
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