New Product Launch by Date



03/21/2024 LED Circline Lamps
03/21/2024 STARFISH Outdoor Decorative | Austen and East River Collections
03/20/2024 LED Round High Bay
03/19/2024 LED Hi-Pro A21
03/13/2024 LED Square Canopy Fixture - Field Selectable
01/31/2024 LED Retrofit Downlight - CCT Selectable | 12V
01/22/2024 5"/6" Retrofit Downlight - High Lumen | Smooth Baffle
01/18/2024 LED Architectural Downlights - Directional | Remote Driver
01/11/2024 LED Hi-Pro
01/08/2024 LED Linear High Bay | Interchangeable Optical Lens
12/21/2023 LED Low Profile Wall Pack | Field Selectable
12/19/2023 Flush Fixture with Night Light | CCT Selectable
12/14/2023 LED 2-Piece 8' T8 Lamp Field Selectable | Ballast Bypass
12/11/2023 LED Retrofit Downlight - Field Selectable - Stepped Baffle
10/05/2023 LED High Lumen PL Lamps
10/02/2023 Modern Lighting Pendant Solutions
08/23/2023 Emergency Battery Backup Wall Pack
08/18/2023 SATCO STARFISH LED Smart Downlights
08/09/2023 LED Wide Beam Angle Canopy Fixture
08/08/2023 LED Pi Flush Mount
08/08/2023 LED Button Flush Mount
07/31/2023 Type III, IV, and V LED Area Lights
07/28/2023 LED Fire Rated Slimfit Downlights with Remote Drive
07/27/2023 LED T8 Lamps with Battery Backup
07/17/2023 LED Hi-Pro Shop Light
07/06/2023 LED Exit Sign & Emergency Light Program
07/03/2023 Demension - LED Indoor and Outdoor Tape Kit
05/25/2023 Blink Pro Surface Mounted Downlight
05/25/2023 LED Slim Fit Downlight with Remote Drive Smooth Baffle
05/10/2023 LED PIR Sensor Lamps
05/08/2023 LED Cloud Fixture 11" & 14" Round
04/12/2023 LED Round Canopy Light with Sensor Port
04/06/2023 Next Generation LED Vapor Proof and Tri-Proof Fixtures
02/24/2023 Adjustable Post Top Area Light
01/31/2023 Hi-Pro Wet Location LED Temporary Work Light
01/30/2023 Recessed Downlight with Night Light
01/30/2023 LED Tempered Glass Flood Light
01/30/2023 LED Backlit Flat Panel with CCT Wattage Selectable Technology
01/30/2023 LED Surface Mount Disk Lights
01/30/2023 LED Surface Mount Downlights 5" and 7" Round Contractor Packs
01/30/2023 HI-Pro High Bay/Low Bay Lamps
11/29/2022 Commercial LED Downlights with ColorQuick CCT Selectable Technology
11/17/2022 SATCO|NUVO's Dual T8 Lamp Ready Fixture Channels
11/10/2022 LED Flame Lamps with Decorative Flame Effect
11/07/2022 CounterQuick Under Cabinet Fixtures
10/19/2022 LED Backlit Flat Panel with CoroQuick Technology
10/4/2022 SATCO's Low, Medium and High Powered Floodlights
09/12/2022 STARFISH Security Floodlight and Camera
09/06/2022 Classic Gooseneck Design with Advanced LED Technology
08/05/2022 Featuring Our 90 CRI Filament Lamp Collection
07/27/2022 New Arrival! String Lights for Any Season
06/30/2022 SATCO's Adjustable CCT Selectable & RGB Selectable LED Vapor Tight Fixtures
06/28/2022 The Most Versatile Commercial LED A Lamp on the Market
05/02/2022 NEW! 4" LED Surface Mount Fixtures
04/14/2022 Directional Gimbal LED CCT Selectable Remote Driver Downlights
03/28/2022 A New Standard in Area Lighting
03/21/2022 NEW! Generation Hi-Pro LED HID Lamps